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Our Methodologies

Analytiqa is committed to providing its clients with accurate, timely data that enables them to make more informed business decisions, whether this be through our range of industry reports and databases, or through our Custom Research projects where we are able to meet specific information requirements of our clients.

Analysis and
Integrity and
attention to detail
and accuracy

The success of Analytiqa as a business information partner is entirely due to the experience and expertise of our staff. Our clients benefit from their breadth of industry experience, their integrity and attention to detail.

Analytiqa is able to provide business information across global markets. Specialising in meeting the needs of our clients in the supply chain, we serve logistics and distribution companies, manufacturers and retailers. Additionally our research and analysis expertise meets the information requirements of a host of service companies.

Analytiqa does not rely solely on secondary sources to convey market trends or to justify recent industry developments. Primary information gathering is a key component of all of our research products, providing value-added analysis to meet our clients increasingly sophisticated requirements.

To meet these requirements, Analytiqa's research processes have developed to maximise the expertise, research skills and knowledge of our Consultants. There are two main aspects to the primary research conducted by Analytiqa:

Qualitative interviews - Panel interviews and opinion-based surveys are used to enhance our knowledge of key market issues, trends, developments, forecasts and company strategies;

Quantitative interviews - Data-driven, fact-based information gathering is used to value markets and industries, the market shares of leading companies and, if relevant, production volumes;

And at each stage of our research, accuracy is ensured through quality control processes, data verification and tracking.