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Case Studies

Analytiqa are supply chain experts. Analytiqa understands the complexities of the logistics industry, speaking with senior supply chain professionals from manufacturers, retailers and 3PLs on a daily basis.

Analytiqa works closely with its clients, building strategic, continuous relationships based on trust and accurate, timely data that enables them to make more informed, profitable business decisions.

Frequently working under the terms of non-disclosure agreements to support sensitive projects, organisations across the world have relied on Analytiqa’s insight to assist them in making brilliant, commercial decisions, identify opportunities and recognise growth and profit. Recent examples of research undertaken by Analytiqa includes, among others:


Service / Sector: Technology

Objective: Global manufacturer sought support with outsourcing

Solution: Drawing on its comprehensive outsourced logistics expertise, Analytiqa undertook a RFI process to support a tender process across multiple countries, analysing and evaluating service providers and making recommendations through to the RFQ stage.


Service / Sector: M&A support

Objective: Increase market share of 3PL via competitor acquisition

Solution: Analytiqa supports M&A process at C-level, from identifying acquisition prospects through to undertaking due diligence to justify selection of target company.


Service / Sector: Pharmaceutical

Objective: 3PL explores customer interest in innovative new service

Solution: Analytiqa was tasked with collating insight from manufacturers across multiple geographies to understand existing operational supply chain processes and assess their interest in trialing a new logistics service.


Service / Sector: eCommerce

Objective: Retailer Board seeks to understand future direction of global eCommerce logistics

Solution: Analytiqa undertakes regular monitoring and identification of global eCommerce developments, delivering analysis and evaluation – via primary and secondary research – of key initiatives and innovations, with relevance to consequences for supply chains.


Service / Sector: Contract Logistics

Objective: 3PL seeks to identify brand strength

Solution: After considerable market consolidation amongst logistics service providers, Analytiqa was tasked with evaluating the strength of customer relationships that shippers enjoy with 3PL partners. Across multiple sectors, Analytiqa collated unique insight, used at C-level to develop both operational and commercial strategies.


Service / Sector: Road Freight

Objective: European haulier sought insight into profitability of operational business models

Solution: Analytiqa undertook C-level research with service providers across multiple countries to identify the strategic, operational and commercial considerations behind different operating models, providing conclusions and recommendations for strategic direction.


For more information or an opportunity for you to discuss, in strictest confidence, your research requirements and the scope for any potential project, please send an email to Analytiqa or call us on 44 (0)1707 37 22 11 to speak with an Account Manager.