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Analytiqa's publishes industry Research Reports, Databases and Profiles on a regular basis, covering the logistics, supply chain and related sectors.

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Brexit – a catalyst for change?

As the UK Department of Transport releases its advice for the road haulage sector if the UK leaves the EU in March 2019 without a deal, Carousel has published its latest White Paper, identifying how logistics innovation will be critical post-Brexit.

What is encouraging from the latest research for Carousel Logistics, undertaken by Analytiqa, is that many organisations are turning to innovation as a way of resolving many of the challenges Brexit could bring. Following an exclusive survey of senior logistics and supply chain professionals from 80 multinational organisations in the UK and Germany, we found that:

> Over a third (38%) of UK businesses plan to increase their need for better technology solutions, compared to just 18% of German companies

> Nearly a third (30%) of UK businesses say Brexit has prompted their business to be more innovative with solutions

> 44% of UK manufacturers foresee an increase in logistics spend post-Brexit.

But what if we don’t get clarity soon?

35% of UK and German companies were not preparing for Brexit because so much is unknown. However, history has taught us that digitalisation is often the key to maintaining and improving services, even within challenging circumstances. With that in mind, companies shouldn’t rest on their laurels and instead they should get themselves prepared, so they are able to adapt quickly to market needs and take advantage of new opportunities as they present themselves.

How can your logistics provider help with Brexit?

As well as assessing your own processes, getting ready for Brexit also means expecting much more from logistics providers. Post-Brexit it will be increasingly important for logistics service providers to step-up to meet these changing demands, with the priority being on providing the right technology systems, flexible network options plus economies of scale. All three will be vital in a post-Brexit landscape so start having those conversations now!.

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Demand remains high and sentiment strong for logistics property sector

Sentiment among the industrial and logistics sector is still strong, according to the results of Property Week, Savills and db symmetry’s second annual market census, in association with Analytiqa.

Almost 300 professionals from across the sector took part in the survey, more than a third of whom were occupiers keen to have their say on the state of the market. Most encouraging for the sector was that more than half of occupiers who took part (54%) anticipated requiring more space over the next two years. Additionally, 41% said they envisage requiring the same amount of space in the next two years and just 5% said they would need less space.

Occupiers specified that their increased space requirement was predominantly (31%) due to the continued growth in online purchases, the pace of change towards new retail channels and increased customer demand for delivery.

However, 21% of occupiers highlighted a lack of availability of warehouse space or labour as the biggest challenge facing the sector, citing a shortage of suitable accommodation for expansion in London as a particular worry by several respondents.

Impact of Brexit

Whilst lack of supply remains a problem for occupiers, rising rents are now a growing concern. Alongside that, the potential impact of Brexit continues to weigh heavily on occupiers’ minds: 11% said it was the key factor having an impact on their business.

One anonymous occupier said: “The sector needs to gauge which businesses will leave the UK after Brexit and that will indicate where the free space will emerge; for example, Telford has many German-owned businesses that may leave come 2019.”

To receive further insights from the second UK industrial and logistics property market census, contact us.


Logistics technologies are falling short

‘Is your technology driving the future of your logistics?’

This White Paper explores the use and deployment of technology across the transport and logistics industry and the challenges companies currently face regarding things such as procurement, set-up and integration. It also offers practical advice on what companies and providers alike should do to address these now and in the future.

Commissioned by Carousel Logistics, in conjunction with Analytiqa, the research reveals that the success in implementing new technologies is fragmented across the industry. In many cases, the technology being used is falling short of expectations and failing to meet the needs of a business and its customers.

89.0% of those surveyed say that they are not completely happy with their current technology provision, yet 98% consider technology to be an important priority in meeting customer expectations.

To receive a complimentary copy of the Logistics Technologies White Paper, send an email to Analytiqa. 


Aftermarket: Not After-Thought

Customer experience may suffer in future if improvements aren't made in aftermarket and spare parts logistics

Aftermarket services are an attractive source of high-margin revenue but they can be notoriously hard to manage. Add to this, the rise of consumerism driving up B2B customer expectations and it becomes clear there's a challenge on the horizon for those with aftermarket and spare parts logistics.

You may be convinced that you need to improve your service offering to stand out in a competitive market but unsure exactly how to go about it. There could be glitches or pain in your supply chain, externally and internally, and you are looking for the solution.

If this sounds familiar, then Carousel Logistics' white paper is here to help. Entitled, Aftermarket: Not After-Thought, the paper provides insight from independent research undertaken by industry experts, Analytiqa. It is a unique insight into how market-leading businesses manage and measure services supporting their aftermarket and spare parts proposition, and what they are looking for in order to achieve further success in the future.

To receive a complimentary copy of the Aftermarket White Paper, send an email to Analytiqa.