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Analytiqa's publishes industry Research Reports, Databases and Profiles on a regular basis, covering the logistics, supply chain and related sectors.

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Logistics technologies are falling short

‘Is your technology driving the future of your logistics?’

This White Paper explores the use and deployment of technology across the transport and logistics industry and the challenges companies currently face regarding things such as procurement, set-up and integration. It also offers practical advice on what companies and providers alike should do to address these now and in the future.

Commissioned by Carousel Logistics, in conjunction with Analytiqa, the research reveals that the success in implementing new technologies is fragmented across the industry. In many cases, the technology being used is falling short of expectations and failing to meet the needs of a business and its customers.

89.0% of those surveyed say that they are not completely happy with their current technology provision, yet 98% consider technology to be an important priority in meeting customer expectations.

To receive a complimentary copy of the Logistics Technologies White Paper, send an email to Analytiqa. 


Space demand set to rocket

The industrial and logistics sector is set fair for a sustained period of growth if the upbeat sentiment of respondents to Property Week, Savills and db symmetry’s first-ever market census, in association with Analytiqa, is anything to go by.

A total of 425 professionals from across the sector took part in the survey, more than a quarter of whom were occupiers keen to have their say on the state of the market. Most notably, and encouragingly for the sector, was that more than half of occupiers that took part (55%) anticipate requiring more space over the next two years.

When put into context against a backdrop of record-breaking take-up in 2016, the response – which also included 37% expecting the same take-up – is a positive endorsement for the sector. Occupiers specified that their increased space requirement was predominantly (81%) due to an expected growth in their business.

Of those occupiers foreseeing greater space requirements over the next two years, their preference for location of expansion was evenly split geographically with extension of their current site, the golden triangle, the M1/M6 corridors, Greater London and Heathrow all considered potential growth spots.

Interestingly, the availability of labour wasn’t the biggest issue impacting occupiers. They ranked rising costs (50%), Brexit uncertainty (41%) and the state of the retail market (34%) as the three biggest factors affecting their businesses.

Occupiers’ positive sentiment on future demand for space was shared by all respondents. Overall 88% thought take-up this year would remain similar (58%) or increase (30%), compared with last year’s record total of 34.6m sq ft.

To receive more details about the Supply Chain Property Market Census, send an email to Analytiqa. 


Aftermarket: Not After-Thought

Customer experience may suffer in future if improvements aren't made in aftermarket and spare parts logistics

Aftermarket services are an attractive source of high-margin revenue but they can be notoriously hard to manage. Add to this, the rise of consumerism driving up B2B customer expectations and it becomes clear there's a challenge on the horizon for those with aftermarket and spare parts logistics.

You may be convinced that you need to improve your service offering to stand out in a competitive market but unsure exactly how to go about it. There could be glitches or pain in your supply chain, externally and internally, and you are looking for the solution.

If this sounds familiar, then Carousel Logistics' white paper is here to help. Entitled, Aftermarket: Not After-Thought, the paper provides insight from independent research undertaken by industry experts, Analytiqa. It is a unique insight into how market-leading businesses manage and measure services supporting their aftermarket and spare parts proposition, and what they are looking for in order to achieve further success in the future.

To receive a complimentary copy of the Aftermarket White Paper, send an email to Analytiqa.