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Airnov task Bolloré Logistics with urgent shipment 22 July 2021

Heli-lift stage imposed a fixed date, with no flexibility

In June, AIRNOV, specialised in air heating and cooling solutions, contacted Bolloré Logistics’ Saint-Etienne teams. The need: to take over the final phase of the urgent transport of a 40-foot container. This container, coming from Melbourne, Australia, to Andrézieux Bouthéon, in France, was five weeks late at sea, and had to be delivered by 08 July at the latest.

This operation had a double challenge: on one hand, it had to meet tight deadlines, with the installation of an adiabatic cooling solution on the production site of a player in the food industry. And above all, the handling of heavy and bulky equipment requiring a heliport to bring it to the roof of the factory. This stage imposes a fixed date, with no flexibility, as the heli-lift is subject to strict prefectural authorisations and the client’s production shutdown.

A very short deadline that the Saint-Etienne teams met despite a complex international logistical context that considerably increased the delivery time.

As soon as the container arrived at the port of Fos, the Saint-Etienne teams started operations; the container was urgently towed to the 3PL’s Saint-Etienne warehouse where the teams deployed all their expertise to handle the unloading, handling and customs operations for the 30 m3 of goods in just one hour. In the hour that followed, the freight was transported by Bolloré Logistics to the production site in record time, saving a week on the initial deadline and enabling AIRNOV to keep its customer commitment.