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Alibaba and Unilever innovate in supply chain management and offline distribution 19 July 2015

Major milestone for a partnership that started five years ago

Alibaba and Unilever China have announced a comprehensive strategic partnership that will enable Unilever to reach customers across China with unprecedented precision and effectiveness through Alibaba Group’s data-driven ecosystem. Key areas of collaboration include rural China penetration, cross-border eCommerce, consumer protection and Big Data.

This agreement is a major milestone for a partnership that started five years ago with a single Tmall store, which has since grown steadily on a solid foundation of mutual trust and success over the years. Through this strategic partnership, Alibaba Group and Unilever China will work together to:

> Strengthen cooperation to expand distribution channels, especially for consumers in rural areas to enjoy more convenient access to Unilever products

> Further develop cross-border eCommerce cooperation and make the Tmall Global Unilever store home to the richest selection of Unilever products from around the world

> Expand application of Big Data to optimize Unilever’s digital advertising strategy through Alimama, Alibaba’s online marketing business, and reach more consumers through online-offline retail integration

> Deepen collaboration in Alibaba’s Blue Star programme where each product is tagged with a unique QR code that allows the consumer to verify its authenticity and origin. This will help protect Unilever’s brand and combat counterfeit goods to protect the customer user experience

> Develop innovations in supply chain management and offline distribution models

The upcoming Unilever Week on Tmall, scheduled for July 22 to 24, will celebrate the start of this partnership agreement. Unilever China opened its first Tmall flagship store in June 2011 and, most recently, a Tmall Global flagship in September 2014, leveraging the free trade zone and bonded warehouse model.