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Allport Cargo Services launches single-use plastic policy 04 October 2019

Increasing business sustainability at both an operational and administrative level

Allport Cargo Services has launched a single-use plastic policy to support its wide ranging ‘Doing well by doing good’ Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) strategy. ACS aim to remove avoidable single-use plastics and replace them with viable and sustainable alternatives and are committed to reducing single-use plastic across the business by 2021, with a view to complete elimination.

Recent environmental campaigns have highlighted the 300 million tons of plastic that ends up in oceans every year. In Europe, 60.0 million tons of plastic is produced each year, 40.0% of which is packaging.

Allport Cargo Services’ have a commitment to increasing business sustainability at both an operational and administrative level with major programmes also running for CO2 reduction and supporting global communities that underpin ACS’s global operations . Initial work for the Single Use Plastic Policy will address plastic used for catering, cleaning, office materials, packaging, warehouses and transport.

ACS has already started introducing 16 initiatives in support of this policy across the business. Including:

> Removing over 51,000 single-use plastic seals used by its fleet and replacing them with a digital solution. This has involved retrofitting vehicles with static security combination locks that generate random codes for each load.

> At warehouses, brown plastic packing tape is being replaced with a paper-based option.

> At head office, plastic food-related items and stationery are being replaced. Waste recycling has become a focus and recycled paper is now used for packaging IT equipment, instead of plastic bubble wrap. On the company’s central Marketing portal, where consumables can be ordered, single-use plastic options have been replaced with alternatives, such as plastic-free post-its notes.

> Building on established community support initiatives, team building days will also focus on activities such as beach clearances to illustrate the extent of the plastic waste issue internally. Additionally, all colleagues are being provided with a reusable drinking bottle to communicate the initiative.