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Arla Foods awards logistics contract to STEF in France 29 June 2015

Transport, storage, preparation and co-packing of orders

ARLA Foods has signed a new contract with STEF for the provision of transport and logistics services for fresh food products (+2C / +4C) which will cover the delivery of 15,000 tonnes of cheese, butter and cream annually to over 500 locations in France. The STEF Group has been an ARLA FOODS agri-food supply chain partner since 2007.

STEF’s fresh food products expertise (+2C / +4C) and their ability to deliver in France within 24 hours, six days a week, were decisive to the choice of partner. STEF’s Brignais and Plessis-Belleville sites are ideal hubs for product delivery both in the North and South of the country.

The contract means that STEF will perform qualitative and quantitative checks on goods coming from a range of Arla Foods sites located in France, Germany and Denmark and arriving in Brignais (Rhône-Alpes) and Plessis-Belleville (Picardy). STEF will manage both the storage of goods at a controlled temperature and the preparation and co-packing of orders.

Furthermore, STEF will manage all of the upstream transport tasks for any delivery network (large-scale retail and non-domestic catering) and any volume to destinations in France with next-day delivery guaranteed.

To ensure comprehensive traceability and to monitor deliveries, STEF will provide optimised logistics services using the group’s WMS and TMS ICT systems. Exclusive, web-based stock management services (e-stock, e-order, etc.) will also be made available.