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Aston Martin announces significant investments in the UK 23 February 2016

New 90 acre site Aston Martin facility at St Athan

Aston Martin has announced significant new investments towards its long-term future in the UK. The Company has confirmed that St Athan in Glamorgan has been chosen as the location for its second manufacturing facility.

With the decision to build the new crossover vehicle in Wales, the Company additionally confirmed that production of next-generation sports cars would be focused at its headquarters and manufacturing centre in Gaydon, Warwickshire. Production of the recently announced all-electric RapidE is also to be located at Gaydon, starting in 2018.

It is anticipated that up to 1,000 new jobs will be created across St Athan and Gaydon between now and 2020. Across the supply chain and local businesses, a further 3,000 jobs will likely be created as a direct result of these investments.

Occupying some 90 acres, the new Aston Martin facility at St Athan will re-purpose some of the facilities currently in use at the site by the Ministry of Defence. Centred on the transformation of the three existing ‘super-hangers’ at MOD St Athan, construction work is planned to commence in 2017 with full vehicle production commencing in 2020.

St Athan will be the sole production facility for a new Aston Martin crossover vehicle. It is expected that over 90.0% of the production from St Athan will be exported outside of the UK.