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Berry Gardens awards primary business contract to Gist 26 June 2015

Collaborative approach reduces food miles whilst maintaining service

Gist have expanded their services for soft fruit producer, Berry Gardens, by securing a new primary deal delivering their fresh produce to Sainsbury’s in the West Midlands, UK.

British-grown soft fruits, such as strawberries and raspberries, have become an important and successful rural business. Sales in UK supermarkets of home-grown berries have increased 130.0% in the last four years.

With experts predicting a record year of strawberry sales in 2015, it looks to be a busy summer for Gist, with demand particularly high during events such as the Wimbledon tennis championships and the Henley Regatta.

Berry Gardens have worked with Gist as a partner for over 20 years, and this latest development is a direct result of their continued high quality service.

Gist's collaborative approach has enabled Berry Gardens to reduce food miles whilst maintaining service to customers.