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BEUMER completes sortation system for new JD.com logistics centre 22 June 2015

Material handling system has a sortation capacity of 13,521 items per hour

BEUMER Group has finished the handover of a complete material handling and sortation system for a new logistics centre in Shanghai for JD.com, China's largest e-tailer. JD.com's industry-leading self-operated logistics network has been central to the Company's growth, by enabling timely and reliable fulfilment for customers.

Given the underdevelopment of third-party fulfilment services in China in terms of warehousing and logistics facilities, and last-mile delivery services, JD.com made a strategic decision in 2007 to build and operate its own nationwide fulfilment infrastructure.

JD.com launched operations for the initial phase of its first highly automated ‘Asia No.1’ warehouse, located in Shanghai in 2014.

The new sortation system comprises seven conveyor lines, which are suspended from the ceiling to free as much floor space as possible in the 100,000 m2 warehouse. Cartons and plastic bags arrive at warehouse levels 1 and 2, from where they are automatically inducted to the 254m long Crisplant LS-4000CB cross-belt sorter, with destination sorting to 131 chutes. The complete material handling system has a sortation capacity of 13,521 items per hour.

As the largest online direct sales company in China, JD.com accounted for more than 56.0% of the country's direct B2C eCommerce market in Q1, 2015. The Company fulfilled a total of more than 689.0 million orders in 2014 from its warehouses to satisfy demand from its over 105.0 million active customers.