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Bibby Distribution helps First Milk reduce its carbon footprint 29 September 2015

New technology provides opportunities to cut costs and carbon

Bibby Distribution is cutting the carbon footprint of KitKats with a ‘future fleet’ project that will slash CO2 emissions when carrying out collections for First Milk. Milk collected by Bibby Distribution is supplied to customers such as Nestlé, from farms in Scotland, Cumbria and Wales. The New Generation Farm Collection Vehicle, developed by engineers at Bibby Distribution, will optimise this process, incorporating a host of technological improvements to reduce fuel usage associated with farm milk collections and to improve operating conditions for drivers.

So far, seven vehicles have been deployed on the fleet, with early evidence suggesting more than 1,700 tonnes of CO2 will be taken out of the supply chain over the next five years if the entire fleet is converted. The new vehicles use, on average, 53.0% less fuel during the process of milk collection on the farm than conventional assets.

To develop the New Generation Farm Collection Vehicle, the team at Bibby Distribution worked hand-in-hand with tank builders Sayers Road Tankers and Crossland Tankers to customise Scania 32-tonne 8x2 rigids to create an innovative and flexible milk collection vehicle.

The Euro VI trucks, which are part of a fleet of 50 vehicles that collect 2.5 million litres of milk daily, incorporate an improved hydraulic pump drive and a Gardner Denver Optiload engine management system which ensures the engine only runs while pumping, dramatically reducing fuel usage, and wear and tear.

Changes to the pipework layout make cleaning and maintenance easier as components can be accessed and changed as required. This has seen a reduction in the service requirements, dropping from three system services annually to just one. The cabinet area is also heated to prevent the pump freezing in cold weather, making life easier for drivers.

The new vehicles also incorporate Scania C200 on-board telematics to monitor performance. Data is analysed and used to further enhance driver performance, improve fuel efficiency, reduce vehicle downtime and impact on the environment.

With new technology comes new opportunities to cut costs and carbon. Bibby Distribution’s enthusiasm to deliver that innovation exemplifies the relationship between it and First Milk. They are considered by the customer as a reliable, trustworthy partner which continues to provide bespoke solutions and flexibility to successfully process highly variable collections and deliveries, which is absolutely critical to its business.

First Milk is 100.0% owned by British farmers, with Bibby Distribution collecting milk from their farms since 1994. The dairy company supplies the retail, foodservice and milk markets with a wide range of dairy products and ingredients both in the UK and internationally.