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Bibby Distribution invests in food ingredient transport 07 March 2016

Custom specification aims to improve performance and flexibility

Bibby Distribution making a £1.2 million investment in 18 new tanker trailers which will support its extensive operations in food ingredient logistics. The new tankers, manufactured by Vanhool in response to a custom brief from Bibby Distribution’s fleet technical team, will initially be used to deliver glucose and starches to major confectionary brands. The trailers replace existing assets and have been designed with maximum flexibility in mind, to provide a firm foundation for future operations.

The new tankers provide the latest technology with the highest levels of flexibility and performance. Bibby’s custom specification means that not only can it serve existing customers, but also transport almost any liquid food product.

Each tanker incorporates both heating coils and refrigeration to allow maximum flexibility, and can potentially carry up to 34,000 litres of products, including juice, milk or chocolate, enough to make more than half a million standard-sized chocolate bars.

Uniquely on the market, the tank has been designed so that the barrel wall of the lower third is thicker, increasing strength and durability, particularly important around the leg and axle mounting points.

The design also includes a variety of cost-conscious features, such as high quality Johnson cargo pumps, a stainless steel chassis and advanced insulation, all of which mean each tanker will reduce its fuel consumption and have lower maintenance requirements, offering cost-effective food ingredient transportation.

Bibby Distribution has also specified a number of additional features designed to keep staff safe when operating the tankers. A series of brake interlocks prevent the tanker being driven away when venting or when the handrails are raised. Meanwhile, the top of the tank is protected by a full-width walkway and fully enclosed handrails for safe topside operations, such as maintenance and cleaning.

Bibby Distribution’s tanker division operates a fleet of 200 assets providing national delivery of food grade liquids, including chocolate, oil, juice and milk.