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Bidvest Foodservice acquires Caterfood 09 March 2016

Utilising 40 multi-temperature vehicles in South West

Bidvest Foodservice has announced the acquisition of Caterfood, a purchase that will strengthen its operations and services in the South West of England. Caterfood delivers to catering establishments from Cornwall to Gloucestershire through its 40 multi-temperature vehicles. One of the Company’s strengths is in its service; providing extended telesales hours and free delivery with no minimum order value, up to six days a week.

The Company has local knowledge and a range of over 4,500 products. This sits well with Bidvest’s decentralised model where it can utilise its national strength alongside local expertise to offer customers the service and products they are looking for.

Caterfoods’ current management and staff will continue to run the business under the same identity and culture.