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Bison Transport selects SkyBitz to improve trailer utilisation 29 September 2015

Provides frequent reporting and complete visibility of its fleet

Bison Transport, one of the largest carriers in Canada, has chosen to implement SkyBitz asset management technology solutions. Bison Transport selected SkyBitz to help get better utilisation out of its fleet of trailers and reduce its trailer counts. SkyBitz was chosen because of its product reliability, intuitive web services, customer service, and the convenience of an affordable subscription platform that eliminates any upfront capital investment.

With the rising cost of purchasing and maintaining equipment and growing business demand, it was paramount to Bison Transport to get more utilisation out of their trailers. After an extensive pilot, Bison Transport selected SkyBitz for its asset management solution that provides frequent reporting and complete visibility of its fleet spanning broad geographic areas. Bison Transport tested SkyBitz products during one of the worst winters in 150 years in Canada and unlike other less rugged products, SkyBitz devices worked reliably even in the harshest conditions.

Being able to prove with accurate data when a trailer arrives at a customer location and how long it is there helps Bison with demurrage and detention management through either billing or speeding up the unload process and getting their trailers back sooner.

Bison Transport chose the subscription-based enterprise solution, SkyBitz as a Service, empowering them with the ability to reduce capital expenditures and quickly benefit from more efficiency throughout its business.