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Braiform renews logistics contract with Bibby Distribution 28 January 2015

Demonstrates flexibility and the ability to manage volume at a competitive cost

Garment hanger manufacturer and recycler Braiform has renewed its contract with Bibby Distribution, thanks to the 3PL’s ongoing reliability and flexibility. Bibby Distribution has provided transport for Braiform’s hangers from warehouse to store, and collection for re-use, since 2005.

Braiform is the global leader in the supply of garment hangers, packaging and GNFR (Goods Not For Resale) solutions to the retail industry.

Under the contract, Bibby Distribution deploys stand trailers at Braiform’s clients’ strategically located regional distribution centres. These transport hangers across the country to major stores such as Matalan, Peacocks and Debenhams.

Bibby’s fleet then collects used hangers from the collection points. Once collated, they are transported back to Braiform’s central hub in Sheffield, where the hangers are re-used or recycled. The re-used hangers are then shipped back to the garment manufacturers.

Braiform is the global pioneer in recycling and re-using hangers, preventing around 1.0 billion hangers a year from being sent to landfill sites worldwide, with Bibby providing essential support for this in the UK.

Because of the nature of the work, reliability is crucial, with Braiform needing to be certain that Bibby Distribution will deliver and collect on time, every time. Bibby uses its extensive regional network capacity to ensure there are always enough assets to provide day-one for day-three collection and delivery throughout the year.

Braiform regularly benchmark its suppliers and it has repeatedly found that Bibby Distribution offers flexibility and the ability to manage volume, at a competitive cost that simply cannot be matched by even the very biggest logistics providers.

Bibby Distribution is particularly flexible, which is essential as the Braiform include new customers into its portfolio. Besides transporting hangers from A to B, Bibby also helps to establish new networks as new customers come on-board, ensuring the Company get the best value for money combined with reliability.