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Cardinal Logistics improves driver efficiency and reduces costs 22 August 2019

Consolidating all of its applications and workflows

Cardinal Logistics has selected Zebra Technologies’ TC56 and TC57 series touch computers to improve truck driver efficiency, reduce costs and enhance proof of delivery (POD) for its customers.

Cardinal Logistics drivers use Zebra’s Android-based TC56 and TC57 series touch computers in the truck to manage logs, inspections, POD, signature capture, photos and various other applications for its customers.

Supply Chain Services, a Zebra PartnerConnect Premier Solutions Provider played an important role in the deployment of 4,000 TC56/TC57 touch computers across the Cardinal Logistics fleet by assisting with planning, staging, and technical assistance as well as helping create a unified enterprise mobility strategy. The deployment helps Cardinal drivers reduce downtime as they can switch between trucks faster with one device.

Moving from the use of multiple devices, Cardinal Logistics consolidated all of its applications and workflows on the Zebra TC56 and TC57 series touch computers to reduce costs on data plans and digitize tasks previously captured in writing. Drivers used to get slowed down with excessive paperwork and logging, but now can make more deliveries in a day.

The TC56 and TC57 provide Cardinal Logistics with application flexibility, efficient security and manageable over-the-air software updates increasing the productivity of its drivers. By automating multiple processes on the TC56 and TC57, Cardinal Logistics has reduced the training time for new hires who can quickly reach expected productivity levels.

Cardinal Logistics is also a Zebra PartnerConnect Independent Software Vendor (ISV). The real-time information provided by its software application makes it easy to give customers the on-demand shipment status they expect. Dispatchers can also optimise routes to minimise mileage with real-time visibility into driver location and status, driving down fuel costs and vehicle wear-and-tear. The application allows Cardinal to optimise its own drivers and is also available for sale to other logistics companies. By providing real-time visibility into its fleet through a custom application, Cardinal Logistics has also increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.