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CaroTrans expands US-Central American network 12 February 2018

Working to strategically increase partnerships with larger global networks

CaroTrans is expanding its Central American service network and alliance partnerships to meet market demand and strengthen its overall global network. In Costa Rica and Guatemala, CaroTrans is partnering with Globelink Aeroceano, and in Panama, with Sicarga, both well-respected NVOCCs in the region and part of the GlobeLink network.

As the Company aligns its service and alliance network to address the growth in US-Central America trade, it is also working to strategically increase partnerships with larger global networks, to better serve large, global freight forwarder customers that require a unified, synergistic network.

CaroTrans already works closely with GlobeLink in many markets throughout the world, such as India and Malaysia, and will further bolster its partnerships with regional GlobeLink branches. CaroTrans is also partnering with the Global Cargo Alliance to further strengthen its worldwide network.

The Panama Canal expansion has had a positive influence on freight volumes. Panama is a critical hub for freight moving in the region and offers a unique level of efficiency and streamlined cargo movement. In addition, CaroTrans is seeing an increase in shipments from the Panama hub to the Caribbean Islands due to the devastating hurricanes that passed through there last year. Weekly US export shipments move from CaroTrans Miami hub to Central America and the Caribbean Islands