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Convoy gives shippers and partners API access to Digital Freight Network 17 September 2019

Access to automated real-time pricing and capacity for both live and drop-and-hook loads

Convoy, a US digital freight network, has launched Convoy Now, a programme that gives shippers, Transportation Management Solution (TMS) providers, Managed Transportation Providers (MTP) and other logistics companies access to Convoy’s automated real-time pricing and capacity for both live and drop-and-hook loads. Convoy Now is a suite of application programming interfaces (APIs) and developer tools that provide access to Convoy’s network of high-quality carriers. In an industry first, Convoy Now extends automated real-time pricing to a nationwide drop-and-hook marketplace, Convoy Go.

Shippers have already started using Convoy Now’s automated real-time pricing through leading TMS providers like BluJay, MercuryGate, and One Network Enterprises. Customers of these providers now have access to more capacity at real-time prices. This capability is now broadly available to all TMS providers and shippers using those systems through Convoy Now.

For shippers who manage their freight in their own custom TMS system, Convoy Now provides a set of developer documentation and easy-to-use tools that support direct API integrations. Convoy customers like KraftHeinz have begun integrating Convoy Now APIs into their TMS, allowing them to access automated pricing so they can benefit from current market prices and guaranteed coverage.

MTPs such as DHL Supply Chain also benefit by incorporating Convoy's automated real-time pricing into their software. Shippers turn to MTPs to help reduce costs and move freight more efficiently. Integrating Convoy's real-time rate API adds a dynamic layer of supply within the routing guide to provide the MTP and their customers greater control over costs and an up-to-the-minute view of market conditions.

DHL Supply Chain chose to partner with Convoy to help digitise its freight management because of their high-level of technical expertise and continuous efforts to use the most advanced technology to stay ahead of the market. Through this partnership, the 3PL is able to provide customers with improved efficiency and more predictable freight coverage at a competitive price.

Drop-and-hook programmes like Convoy Go provide shippers with the flexibility of having both live and drop shipment options available to them. Historically, it has taken shippers hours to manually procure prices for drop-and-hook shipments because carriers and asset brokers do not have an automated process to manage large trailer pools with real-time pricing. For the first time, Convoy Now offers shippers automated real-time pricing for Convoy Go drop-and-hook shipments where Convoy has trailer pools, resulting in lower costs, faster coverage, and more efficient facility operations.