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Crane Worldwide Logistics adds capacity to address challenging market conditions 22 July 2021

Adds warehouse space in Cincinnati and operating regular air freight charters

Supply chain and logistics leaders around the world are grappling with the recent capacity crunch. With escalating price increases for regular shipments, significant delays on ocean freight, and planning and forecasting in flux, the COVID-19 impact on supply chains creates severe turbulence in all areas of the supply chain. Demand is outstripping supply with economic recovery efforts, escalating the requirement for raw materials to finished goods.

Supply chains work efficiently when forecasting and demand planning is based upon predictable scenarios. As we see many countries now emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic, stability is certainly not the 'new normal,' and this is creating a tremendous impact on global operations.

Crane Worldwide Logistics has recently completed an additional rotation of a chartered vessel from Shanghai to Houston, Texas, and further sailings will be added to the schedule in response to client's requirements. The Company intend to be as flexible as possible in response to market demands, where some companies are operating at crisis point.

Crane Worldwide is expanding its contract logistics footprint rapidly in response to market conditions, recently adding over 92,900 m2 of warehouse space in Cincinnati which is due to accept aircraft deliveries in August. The Company is also operating regular air freight charters from Shanghai to Columbus' Rickenbacker airport to support clients struggling with capacity from China to the US.

In Columbus, the Company operates four facilities and a 72,000 m2 warehouse to accommodate additional inventory requirements. Crane’s domestic trucking service provides deliveries to multiple locations throughout the US.