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Crane Worldwide Logistics appoints CIO 25 June 2015

Playing a key role in technology transformation

Crane Worldwide Logistics has named veteran technology executive, Adel Chaveleh as its CIO. Chaveleh will be tasked with driving a transformation of how Crane Worldwide Logistics uses technology both externally and internally.

Chaveleh has more than 17 years of technology design and management experience, he has been successful at leading large-scale projects from concept to deployment across healthcare, entertainment and energy industries. Previously, Adel was Chief Technology Officer at Healix, Inc., and prior to Healix, Adel was the co-founder and President & CEO of TimeGate Studios, a video game developer.

Chaveleh was instrumental in designing and deploying a national supply chain and perpetual inventory software system across more than 100 facilities at Healix. While at TimeGate, he transformed the studio from a single-team PC developer to a multi-team, cross platform video game developer and international game publisher, working with the likes of Disney, 20th Century Fox and Universal.

Chaveleh joins Crane Worldwide Logistics as CIO at a time when the leadership team are placing a great investment in technology and prioritising its role in Crane Worldwide’s future success.