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Cryoport supports CaRE Arthritis personalised medicine research 17 June 2015

Validated solutions provide integrity for temperature sensitive shipments

Cryoport, Inc. has been appointed as the preferred cryogenic logistics provider to CaRE Arthritis (CaRE). Cryoport's comprehensive cryogenic logistics solutions will support CaRE Arthritis and their efforts in the development of personalised care options for arthritis. Cryoport's validated solutions provide integrity for temperature sensitive shipments supporting patient access for CaRE Arthritis research and development efforts.  Cryoport offers a global network for greater safety and speed of the delivery.   

Cryoport is being recognised as a critical partner to the research community from a wide range of organisations.

CaRE Arthritis, based in Alberta, Canada, is an academic research organisation that supports research and education for arthritis to patients and medical professionals, with an emphasis on the growing field of personalised medicine. The people of CaRE specialise in the development and application of biomarkers and medical imaging to further the advancement of the understanding of the disease. Biomarkers can play a critical role in identifying the severity of arthritic patients as well as their response to treatment.

The development and application of new imaging and biomarker technologies is an essential step to bringing the concept of personalised medicine to reality in the day-to-day management of arthritis. With the support of Cryoport's cold chain logistics, CaRE Arthritis is working tirelessly to better understand and efficiently treat the disease.