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DACHSER prepares for peak season with Karcher 07 March 2016

Serving all sales channels through its multichannel logistics operations

Spring-cleaning signifies peak season for Karcher and its multichannel logistics provider DACHSER. During that time, the 3PL handles up to three times more product than a normal average day.

From its logistics centre near Heilbronn, DACHSER ships primarily cleaning machines and systems for Karcher. Both B2B and B2C customers receive equal attention, but every industry needs different solutions; for instance, cleaning systems for car dealerships, workshops, and gas stations; professional equipment for the construction industry; innovative products for property managers and healthcare facilities; and cleaning technologies for transport and logistics.

In addition, home improvement stores, food retailers, and mail-order companies, as well as individuals who enjoy cleaning and order online direct from the manufacturer, all want fast shipment. For them, pressure washers, window vacuums, sweepers, and cleaning/maintenance products are bestsellers in the springtime. Aside from volume, late cut-off times for incoming orders are one of the challenges. If an order arrives at DACHSER by 3.00 pm, the logistics centre sends it out on the same day.

As a contract logistics provider for Karcher in Germany since 2005, DACHSER has been serving all sales channels through its multichannel logistics operations. In addition to deliveries made to private and B2B customers, this also includes just-in-time deliveries to, say, trade shows or within special delivery windows set by home improvement stores. Orders from abroad are also handled through DACHSER’s air and sea freight network.

On average, up to 1,300 packages and 2,500 parcels leave the warehouse in Ohringen every day. A major expansion was carried out at that location last year specifically for the collaboration with Karcher. Not only is the distribution centre closely linked to Karcher production in nearby Obersontheim, but the various production sites in Europe now ship to DACHSER in Ohringen as well. The logistics centre currently offers room for around 19,500 pallets, with Karcher using about two-thirds of the space.

The collection of transport packaging as well as any complaints and returns are also handled through the Ohringen branch. Incorrect orders that are undamaged are returned to inventory after a brief quality and packaging check; DACHSER forwards any complaints or defective machines directly to the factory. Tight networking of both parties’ IT systems ensures that logistics processes are handled smoothly.

Inventory levels, incoming orders, and returns are reported to Karcher on an ongoing basis thanks to this networking. Delivered goods are in Karcher’s SAP system no later than four hours after a truck has docked at DACHSER. Such certainty in planning reduces the inventory needed.