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Damco awarded logistics contract with COOP Denmark 31 March 2015

Retailer aims for a more strategic approach to optimising inbound supply chain

Damco and Coop, one of Denmark’s largest retailers, have signed a partnership agreement appointing Damco as Coop Denmark’s sole logistics partner for inbound shipments from Asia. The three-year contract commences on 1 May 2015.

For the last six years, Damco has proved to be an efficient and reliable logistics partner for Coop. By appointing Damco as sole logistics provider, the retailer aims to take a more strategic approach to optimising its inbound supply chain with the aim of delivering bottom-line savings for Coop Denmark.

Damco has been managing a significant part of Coop’s inbound flows from Asia since 2009, and now both parties have agreed to take the partnership to the next level. Coop decided on an exclusive arrangement with Damco in order to drive strategic development, supported by Damco’s dedicated Supply Chain Development team, and to capitalise on synergies obtained from sharing business strategies and long-term planning.

Coop assessed Damco and other global logistics service providers in 10 key areas including operational excellence, supply chain management capabilities and IT. Damco stood out due to its focus on supply chain development and its commitment to a long-term partnership, proven by Damco’s best-in-class customer retention ratio.

The new contract will include integrated supply chain management and advanced EDI connectivity supported by strong key account management. One of the first benefits that Damco aims to deliver is improved freight control in key parts of Coop’s Asian supply chain.