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DB Schenker agrees new partnership with Plug and Play 23 January 2020

Anchor Partner for Supply Chain & Logistics

DB Schenker has entered a partnership with start-up accelerator Plug and Play. Since January 2020, DB Schenker is a so-called Anchor Partner in the field of ‘“Supply Chain & Logistics’ at Plug and Play’s European Headquarters in Hamburg, Germany. As a result, DB Schenker receives access to an extensive network of innovation drivers, including tens of thousands of start-ups.

The logistics industry is changing at an unprecedented pace due to digital and technological disruptions. DB Schenker has been at the forefront of a digital revolution in logistics and it will continue to drive change as a digital value generator for customers.

Plug and Play is a global innovation platform based in Silicon Valley in the US. As an accelerator for start-ups, the organisation is active in more than 30 locations worldwide. In 2019, a new branch dedicated to logistics was opened in Hamburg, where DB Schenker will now be incorporated as an Anchor Partner.

To kick-off the new partnership in early 2020, DB Schenker and Plug and Play will begin pilot projects to identify the first suitable start-ups to help solve existing business challenges.