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DB Schenker opens green cross-dock in Poland 04 January 2019

Investment is closely aligned with the strategy of sustainable business growth

Panattoni Europe has delivered a modern logistics facility for DB Schenker in line with the principles of sustainable development. The 9,300 m2 project was built in Nowa Wies Wrocławska. The solutions employed in the facility will help cut energy consumption by more than half and reduce CO2 emissions by 230 tons a year compared to conventional projects. The facility will be certified under BREEAM In-Use with a Very Good rating.

The sustainable terminal has replaced an existing facility in Wrocław, expanding parcel handling capacity. The modern terminal will enable DB Schenker not only to process a greater number of parcels in a timely manner, but also to guarantee an even better customer service.

The parcels handled there quickly reach their customers, domestic and international alike, which is thanks to daily shipments to and from 17 terminals across Poland and connectivity within the Europe-wide network.

In all of Europe, DB Schenker manages a network of 420 terminals. The project in NowaWies Wrocławska helps it use these connections in an even more effective way to guarantee fast and secure international shipments to customers.

DB Schenker’s new investment is closely aligned with the strategy of sustainable business growth. The Company decided to locate its new terminal in Nowa Wies Wrocławska, right next to a junction on the A4, in the immediate facility of the interchange connecting the A4, E67 and A8, the so-called Wrocław Motorway Bypass.

It is far from residential areas and the city centre. The 9,300 m2 facility (8,000 m2 for operations and 1,300 m2 of office space) features exclusively LED lighting additionally equipped with a dynamic control system (a solution which adapts lighting intensity depending on the amount of natural light, e.g. coming from skylights). External walls have an enhanced insulation rating amounting to U = 0.36 W/m2K. Solar collectors have been installed on the roof to heat up utility water in the office section, and the boiler room has a condensing boiler. Process installations employed in the facility also allow for up to 80.0% heat recovery, and toilets in the office building use rainwater. Compared to a conventional logistics terminal, these solutions make it possible to cut energy consumption by more than half, reduce CO2 emissions by 230 tons a year, reduce power consumption by up to 60.0%, and save 3,000 litres of water a day.

Like DB Schenker’s previous fully green investments, the facility will be certified under BREEAM In-Use with a Very Good rating. DB Schenker is the first logistics operator in Poland to obtain BREEAM In-Use certification for cross-docking facilities.