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DFDS wins logistics contract with Nissan 27 March 2015

Control tower will be set up in Hamburg to plan and manage flows

DFDS has entered into an agreement with Nissan to provide logistics services for the production of a new car, the INFINITI Q30. Services will start in November 2015.

DFDS will manage the supply of parts from a number of suppliers in Germany to Nissan’s production line in Sunderland, UK. On a daily basis, around 40 trailers will be delivered to the production site each within a 30-minute window.

A Nissan control tower will be set up in DFDS’ Hamburg office to plan and control the flows. As part of the agreement, more than 300 mega trailers will be purchased with special security and safety specifications and with a GPS tracking system. The trailer flows of the agreement will be carried on DFDS’ Cuxhaven-Immingham and Vlaardingen-Immingham routes, including port terminal services.

The bespoke customer solution combines DFDS’ logistics capabilities and the reliability and capacity of the shipping route network.

The new contract is expected to generate revenues in excess DKK75.0 million on a full-year basis. DFDS expects to invest around DKK40.0 million in equipment to facilitate the contract.

The agreement does not entail changes to the previously announced expectations for 2015.