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DHL and JD.com expand cross-border logistics partnership 02 February 2016

DHL will gain better insights online retailers

DHL and JD.com, Inc. (JD) have signed an agreement to cooperate on a range of cross-border supply chain initiatives that will leverage the two companies’ expertise in logistics and eCommerce, further expanding their relationship.

In July 2015, the two companies announced that DHL would be the preferred logistics service provider for moving American products ordered on JD.com’s US Mall to and across China.

Under the terms of the agreement, DHL will become the preferred logistics supplier to JD.com’s International Business Group, which focuses on consumers in markets outside of China. JD.com will also become a strategic customer under DHL’s Fast Growing Enterprises initiative and gain access to a comprehensive suite of logistics solutions across all DHL business units. DHL will provide international express; air, ocean and road freight; warehousing; parcel delivery; eCommerce services and access to fulfilment distribution centres, and local distribution services in key regions to support the global growth of JD.com internationally. Currently, DHL is also providing international express services between China and France.

Through collaboration with JD.com, DHL will gain better insights into the intricate requirements of online retailers spanning cross-border shipping, facilitation services, and multichannel last-mile delivery.

DHL and JD.com have also agreed to explore the development of innovative cross-border supply chain systems and operating processes. The two companies will work on developing commercial and technical innovations with the aim of establishing bilateral commercial agreements that benefit both parties.