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DHL redefines logistics in Singapore 19 April 2016

40.0% growth in DHL Supply Chain’s warehousing footprint in Singapore

DHL Supply Chain has launched its Advanced Regional Centre (ARC) in Singapore. The new 90,000 m2 warehouse includes a €10.6 million multi-customer automation system featuring advanced robotics.

The pioneering system allows customers to enjoy the benefits of automation solution without the need for significant capital investment. The technological enhancement uses 130 robotic shuttles to pick and store products from 72,000 locations spread across 26 levels, improving picking efficiency picking by 20.0% and utilising 40.0% less space than conventional warehousing operations.

Purpose-built to industry-leading standards, the ARC facility has been awarded ‘gold status’ for its energy and environmental design. The Company has also implemented robust security measures that are in accordance with global TAPA standards. This is the first of its kind deployed by DHL globally and creates a model for the future of warehousing in land-scarce countries and dense cities where land availability is limited and expensive.

Co-located within the ARC is the DHL Asia Pacific Innovation Centre (APIC), DHL’s first innovation centre outside of Germany and a joint development with the Singapore Economic Development Board. Launched in 2015, APIC is the first dedicated centre for innovative logistics services in the Asia Pacific region and showcases futuristic technologies.