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DSV provides new location for Danish Red Cross warehouse 17 January 2020

Unique opportunity to equip warehouses to better meet different needs

At the beginning of 2020, the Danish Red Cross warehouse for disaster relief equipment will be moving to DSV’s facilities in Hedehusene. The warehouse is vital for Red Cross’ ability to respond quickly to disasters anywhere in the world.

The facilities are in the first part of the Hedeland distribution centre which will have a total capacity of 150,000 m2 when completed. Building from scratch provides a unique opportunity to equip the warehouses to better meet different needs including those of Red Cross.

With the more flexible design of the new warehouse, Red Cross will be able to store and handle all the equipment they need for disaster management.

Flexibility is crucial in ensuring a quick response from Red Cross when a disaster occurs. When a disaster occurs, the equipment required must be ready for shipment within 48 hours, and with the location of DSV’s new warehouse Red Cross has easy access to both highways, ports and airports.

The Red Cross has very specific needs for the design of the 2,000 m2 of warehouse space which DSV is making available to the organisation. Moving to the new facility, an office and a ramp for loading smaller vans inside the warehouse is on the wish list but of the highest importance is floor space and lots of it.

The Red Cross need to be able to set up equipment and test it to ensure that everything is working as intended before it leaves the warehouse. It also uses the floor space to train the aid workers who are to be deployed when a disaster strikes.