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DSV’s digital self-service platform aims to be customers’ one stop shop 13 June 2018

Making it easier and faster for customers to manage their shipping

The buying behaviour of the modern consumer has drastically changed over the last decade, also when it comes to transport and logistics. Online, convenient and fast is what today’s customers want and DSV is meeting these demands with the myDSV.

For the modern customer that means 24/7 online access and digital self-service. myDSV offers self-administration of accounts, a booking service, detailed shipment overviewd e.g. status of shipments and event history, notifications and basic reporting.

Many customers like to do their own bookings, tracking and reporting online, without having to call or email a freight forwarder. In general, they would like to have more self-service features across all DSV products. Knowing this, the Company is building a platform that meets customers’ expectations of a user-friendly and modern digital experience.

DSV is keen to stress, however, that myDSV is an added service to customers. They will still be able to talk directly with a freight forwarder whenever they want to. Professional and personal customer service and support is still important.

With its intuitive design, myDSV aims is to make it easier and faster for DSV’s customers to manage their shipping.

The platform also works as a collaborative space, where customers can share booking templates and shipment documents with their colleagues.

As myDSV is replacing several other platforms, customers are being migrated from these onto the myDSV platform. The process will take most of 2018. Currently myDSV is available for Air & Sea customers globally and Road customers in Europe.