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EV Cargo Logistics acquires assets and operations of NFT Distribution 03 February 2020

Assets are perceived to be operationally solid and fit for future growth

EV Cargo Logistics, a part of EV cargo, and a company established at the start of December 2019, has acquired NFT’s core operations. The Company view the assets as operationally solid and fit for future growth and is committed to delivering continuity of service to customers.

In January, NFT Distribution, a company under the wider EV Cargo banner was reportedly undertaking a strategic review of its business with PricewaterhouseCoopers, aiming to address operational challenges and reposition itself for the future.

The core operations acquired include primary and secondary chilled logistics services from depots at Alfreton, Amesbury, Anglesey, Bristol, Crick, Daventry, Evesham, Penrith, Rochdale and St Albans. The transaction does not include the NFT’s temperature controlled distribution centre at Tilbury, which are being disposed of separately. Almost 2,000 employees would be transferring from NFT to EV Cargo Logistics.