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FedEx bolsters capabilities in AMEA to power holiday shipping 16 November 2021

Network enhancements, increased workforce and facilities

FedEx Express has strengthened its network and eCommerce capabilities in preparation for yet another busy holiday season in the Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa (AMEA) region. The eCommerce boom accelerated by COVID-19 is expected to continue. Global online spending is estimated to increase by 11.0% year-on-year to US$910.0 billion during the upcoming holiday season.

In Asia Pacific, a region that accounts for more than 60.0% of online retail sales, online shopping has already picked up. For example, China’s biggest online shopping festival – Singles’ Day – is expected to spur further growth of online retail across the rest of the AMEA region. In Southeast Asia, about 40.0% of e-tailers said festive season sales represent the bulk of their annual sales. In the Middle East and Africa, 22.0% of consumers are ready to shop online during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

With the exponential growth of eCommerce and the soaring shipping volumes associated with it, FedEx is expecting the 2021 peak season to meet or exceed the unprecedented 2020 holiday season. Supply chain challenges, including ocean freight, are also adding to the demand for air cargo capacity as businesses replenish stock levels in time for the holiday season. In the AMEA region, the Company has taken steps including workforce additions, facility expansions, network optimisation, and innovative eCommerce solutions to meet the needs of consumers.

FedEx has beefed up its network capacity by adding six new intercontinental flights on high-demand lanes, connecting the Asia Pacific with the US and Europe. These contribute to the total of 225 weekly flights the Company operates in and out of the region, providing reliable and increased connectivity and resilience for the holiday season. FedEx opened a new gateway facility in Clark, the Philippines, in October that will help support the growing eCommerce demand of bulk shipments and large items coming in and out of Asia during the holiday season.

To empower e-tailers with instant access to FedEx robust eCommerce portfolios and affordable shipping solutions without switching platforms or accounts, FedEx has launched FedEx Compatible and Alliance programme by teaming up with leading eCommerce platforms across the Asia Pacific. The Company also introduced a new time-defined shipping solution – FedEx International Connect Plus (FICP). This combines competitive speed with attractive prices to address consumers’ evolving needs for value-for-money international shipping services while ensuring shipments will be delivered within one to five business days within the region.

In anticipation of end consumers’ growing focus on the traceability of their holiday items and the increased preference for personalised delivery services, FedEx enhanced its FedEx Delivery Manager, which allows customised delivery options, timings, and locations. E-merchants can offer their customers the ability to track packages, get alerts with the FedEx Mobile app, and check the status of incoming deliveries and outgoing shipments. FedEx also provides flexible delivery offerings such as pick-up or returns within its retail networks.