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FedEx Ground now delivers residential packages on Sunday, year-round 22 January 2020

Sunday delivery follows historic peak season for FedEx driven by growth in eCommerce

FedEx Ground has officially started delivering FedEx Home Delivery packages on Sunday for the majority of the US population, advancing the transformation of one of the largest global transportation networks in the world to better serve the fast-growing eCommerce market.

This provides added value to eCommerce shippers throughout the US and the 188 million online shoppers in 7,700 cities and towns where FedEx Home Delivery packages are delivered on Sundays. As more customers expect weekend delivery, this enhancement to its network means that every day is now a delivery day at FedEx.

Delivering residential packages on Sunday speeds up most shipping lanes by one or two days, an advantage that is particularly valuable for shippers and consumers of healthcare and perishable goods. FedEx Ground is already faster to more locations than UPS Ground.

FedEx Ground began delivering residential packages on Sundays during the most recent peak holiday season.

Delivering seven days a week was critical to the Company’s success this past peak season as it experienced some of the highest volume days in the history of the Company, including shipping nearly 38 million packages on Cyber Monday alone.

Over the peak holiday shipping season, FedEx Ground experienced 42.0% year-over-year growth in FedEx Home Delivery package volume during December and delivered nearly eight million FedEx Home Delivery packages on Sundays between Black Friday and Christmas Eve. Despite record volumes, nearly 18.0% of FedEx Ground packages were delivered one full day early. Once again, FedEx Ground maintained year-round transit time standards throughout the holidays, setting a higher standard than its primary competitor.