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Fiege cooperates with company medical centre to administer vaccinations 18 June 2021

3PL is hosting its own workplace vaccination programme

Fiege, together with the Company’s medical centre, has set up its own workplace vaccination programme at its location in Reckenfeld, Germany. Other businesses also use the facility to vaccinate their staff in an effort to protect them against the coronavirus.

The 3PL is hosting its own workplace vaccination programme to offer a jab to as many of its staff as possible. The total number in week one came to 151. Additional vaccination programmes will and are to follow shortly, even at other locations of the family business.

In principle, Fiege would be happy to make a workplace vaccination offer to all interested colleagues. It has therefore ordered the maximum possible number of vaccine doses of initially 800, followed by a further 600. Ultimately, however, it can only inoculate the doses that are in fact available.

151 vaccine doses by Biontech arrived in the first week starting 07 June, the date as of when Company doctors are officially allowed to administer the vaccine in Germany. An additional 72 doses followed in week two. Also, Fiege’s vaccination programme is used by other local businesses that work with the Company medical centre, such as Sahle. The city of Greven as a co-partner to the Greven company medical centre has also been vaccinating city employees at the branch.

To ensure that everything indeed goes well during the vaccination, four staff members from the Greven company medical centre and a further eight from FIEGE handle everything related to the vaccination programme. From registering to completing the immunisation record to transmitting the information to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), Fiege and the Company medical centre take care of it all.