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Geek+ powers remote operations and deployments for Decathlon in China 08 July 2020

Decathlon takes early lead among global retailers in adopting intelligent automation solutions

Geek+ has extended its cooperation with Decathlon, one of the world's largest retailers of sporting goods, present in over 50 countries with more than 1,600 stores globally. Following the success of a two-year collaboration in its eCommerce and retail fulfilment centres in Shanghai, Decathlon accelerated its automation programme, with AMR deployments at two new sites in China. The installations were successfully deployed remotely in under three months, following strict pandemic restrictions.

After its first deployment of Geek+ goods-to-person AMRs to its warehouses in 2018, Decathlon was able to triple the average productivity of labour, increase inventory capacity by 40.0%, secure RoI in under three years and rapidly scale up its automation at short notice without having to make any large investments. With a proven track record, coupled with the capability of Geek+ systems to integrate RFID technology, Decathlon then decided to increase deployments.

Technology from Geek+ gave Decathlon the flexibility to quickly scale up operations and the ability to manage a fast pace of change, which proved particularly important earlier this year when the onset of the coronavirus in China led to the closing down of all physical stores, a dramatic escalation in online demand, and extensive labour shortages:

With the support of the Geek+ system, Decathlon was able to achieve full 24/7 automated operations in one of its warehouses in Shanghai.

Similarly, in Beijing, the Company managed to deploy 72 new AMRs in one of its warehouses, using collaborative digital tools like Zoom and WeChat for online training.

Lastly, in order to deal with the high demand in eCommerce, Decathlon was able to flexibly relocate robots from its retail warehouse to its eCommerce warehouse, demonstrating the effectiveness and ability of Geek+ solutions to ensure business continuity in today's volatile business environment.