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Hactl passes GDP annual audit 16 July 2015

Pharmaceuticals is an increasingly important part of the air freight market

Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Limited (Hactl), Hong Kong’s largest cargo handler has successfully passed its World Health Organisation (WHO) Good Distribution Practices (GDP) annual surveillance audit. The audit is required in order to maintain GDP accreditation.

Hactl achieved GDP accreditation covering the provision of handling, logistics and storage services for pharmaceuticals in 2014; it was the first handling agent in Hong Kong to do so.

The audit included full surveillance of Hactl’s staff competence, premises, equipment, processes, quality control system and hygiene standards. It confirmed that Hactl’s cold chain management system continues to conform to its specified standards and those of the relevant GDP legislation and guidelines, and that the Company continues to adhere to its stated policies, objectives and procedures.

The audit also found that there had been no deviation events since Hactl’s original accreditation, and that there had been no non-conformities. It also noted that, in order to ensure the continued observance and further strengthening of all GDP-governed operations within Hactl, the Company had created the new post of Supervisor Quality Assurance within the GDP management team.