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HAVI Logistics to open temperature controlled logistics centre 28 January 2015

Central hub for German-wide distribution

HAVI Logistics is a leading logistics provider for the system catering trade, delivering fresh and frozen goods to restaurant chains, service stations and similar facilities. To support its European expansion plans, HAVI has commissioned Goodman to develop a new 12,000 m2 temperature controlled logistics centre in Rheinberg.

The area of Duisburg, which includes Rheinberg, is one of Germany’s prime locations for multimodal logistics. Thanks to direct links to the A57 motorway and the strong infrastructure of the nearby Ruhr area Rheinberg has become a magnet for logistics-intensive companies in various sectors.

Goodman is investing in the new building, which is equipped with modern cooling technology. HAVI Logistics will lease the property, which is located near its headquarters in Duisburg, for an initial 10-year period. Construction has already commenced and Goodman plans to handover the completed building to its customer in the summer of 2015. HAVI will use the facility as a central hub for German-wide distribution, serving its system-catering customers.

Goodman will develop a multifaceted logistics centre with around 12,000 m2 of storage space divided into four temperature zones. This will allow HAVI Logistics to store and transport different goods in a temperature controlled environment. In addition to a dry area, the project also encompasses a 2,000 m2 cold storage zone of between 2 to 4C and a 2,000 m2 deep-freeze zone of between -20 to -22C. An additional area with -2 to +2C covering ca. 100 m2 complements the other temperature zones.

The facade, with its 16 loading and unloading gates, is also effectively insulated to ensure efficient operation of the cold storage areas. To manage the facility, Goodman also will construct a 450 m2 office and social space.

Various measures enable HAVI to reduce energy consumption and its carbon footprint. A heat recovery system will use the heat produced by the cooling technology to heat the dry area. Furthermore Goodman is installing LED lighting to reduce energy costs.

Beyond building design and investments, HAVI Logistics will benefit from Goodman’s technical and operational property services support. A key feature of this is Goodman’s flagship property investment plan, a unique benefit Goodman provides to its customers that ensures all its properties are maintained to the highest market standards.