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Hellmann acquires remaining shares in Peruvian joint venture 17 August 2022

Company will be fully integrated into Hellmann's global network

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics acquired all shares in the Peruvian joint venture Hellmann Worldwide Logistics S.A.C. Through the purchase of the remaining 50.0% of shares, which were held by Carlos Augusto Dammert (President of the Board), Hellmann became the sole shareholder.

The acquisition allows the Company to be fully integrated into Hellmann's global network, thus expanding the service portfolio for customers and generating further sustainable growth in Peru and the entire Americas region.

Hellmann has been actively present in Peru since 1992 and established the joint venture together with Carlos Augusto Dammert in 1998. In the last 30 years, the Company has become a leader in the Peruvian logistics market, being one of the largest air freight export forwarders, focusing mainly on perishable logistics.

While Hellmann will further expand its perishables business, it also intends to strengthen the Company's market position in other business areas - such as automotive logistics - and to expand its customer portfolio beyond Peru's borders.

Jose Luis Moreano will continue to shape the further development as General Manager, together with Carlos Augusto Dammert, who will act in an advisory capacity.