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Hellmann Worldwide Logistics awarded AEO accreditation 27 January 2015

Provides more stringent security culture and additional business opportunities

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics UK has officially been awarded the Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status by HM Revenue & Customs. The supply chain quality standard highlights businesses involved in the international supply chain, which have proved themselves to be compliant and trustworthy, and where applicable, safe and secure.

The two-year process began in December 2012 and involved Hellmann training over 500 staff to complete the process and achieve its goal of becoming AEO certified.

The HMRC inspected all areas of the business, offering recommendations for improvements, and making Hellmann UK the third country in the Company’s global network to receive the accreditation.

Hellmann believes that the accreditation process was extremely worthwhile. New procedures have been implemented and a more stringent security culture has been adopted to ensure the best service to customers.

AEO also provides additional business opportunities with major clients and a framework based on quality to help to drive the business forward.