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Kenco Logistics expands eCommerce service offering 31 January 2020

Combination of expertise and infrastructure position company for continued growth

Kenco Logistics has announced the addition of Dan Coll as Vice President, eCommerce Fulfilment. Coll will lead the expansion of Kenco’s eCommerce service offering, a strategic initiative designed to support the Company’s rapid growth and diversification of its core offerings to align with the needs of today’s omni-channel supply chain customer.

Kenco’s technology-enabled suite of supply chain solutions includes a network of over 90 distribution facilities, end-to-end transportation services and an internal innovation lab, all of which will support the rapid expansion into the eCommerce supply chain.

Kenco’s e-commerce supply chain solutions will cater to the rapid growth of digital native brands, mid-sized online retailers and large manufacturers. Kenco will also embrace strategic partnerships with platforms, sales channels and marketplaces that seek 3PL support.

Coll’s e-commerce supply chain experience spans 20 years. He is known for his unwavering commitment to deliver exceptional service and value to his customers. His most recent role was leading the strategy, execution and launch of FedEx Fulfilment, the newly introduced eCommerce fulfilment initiative for FedEx. Prior to joining FedEx Supply Chain (via the GENCO acquisition), Coll was the founder and President of Rapid Fulfilment, a supply chain company that delivered eCommerce fulfilment solutions for emerging brands and the Fortune 100.