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KWE (India) opens new warehouse in Chennai 02 February 2016

Manufacturers that have expanded into the Chennai/Bangalore area

Kintetsu World Express (India) Pvt. Ltd. announced that its third warehouse was established in Chennai this January.

Chennai is one of India’s main port cities. There is strong need for logistics because Japanese/foreign affiliated manufacturers that have expanded into the Chennai/Bangalore area use the region as (1) their import base for products/parts, and (2) their hub for storage and domestic delivery that are sent all over India.

The new warehouse is located in the northern area of Chennai. It has good access to the Chennai City area and also to the Sri City area in Andhra Pradesh state where many Japanese companies have expanded into. It is also a location that is suitable as a delivery base for all of India. The warehouse facility with more than nine meters of ceiling height and the same level of maximum load weight of the floor as manufacturers’ factories is able to accept any and all cargoes.

Its operation that follows KWE India’s standards provides high quality services such as detailed tracking, reporting, and 5S management. In addition, a wide range of delivery services are prepared including consolidated delivery service using the network of Gati-Kintetsu Express Private Ltd. (joint corporation with Gati Limited, one of the largest distribution companies in India) that covers 99.0% of India, chartered truck transportation service provided by APL Logistics Ltd. that became a member of KWE Group in May 2015, and rail transportation service.