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Logwin and Voith transport aid goods to Nepal 17 June 2015

Logwin packs relief supplies and organised transport

Logwin has organised an aid shipment to Nepal in May for which employees of Voith GmbH had collected tents, blankets and medicines for people in the quake-hit area. Logwin managed the logistics and is covering the entire costs of transportation. This aid project is not the first time that the technology group and the logistics service provider have collaborated, as the companies have been business partners for many years.

Logwin provided 14 x 100 m2 awnings since material is also needed for the construction of emergency shelters. The awnings are intended to give people a temporary roof over their heads.

On May 12, Logwin collected seven large tents, approximately 300 blankets, medicines and a substance for sterilizing spring water from Voith's location in Heidenheim. The goods were taken to Logwin's warehouse, where employees packed the relief supplies and the weatherproof awnings expertly into boxes and wrapping film.

The shipment was then transported by truck to Munich Airport. It was a special challenge to book freight space at such short notice. A lot of aid shipments are currently being flown to Nepal and capacities are correspondingly limited.

Since there are no direct flights, the consignment was transshipped on a stopover in Bangkok. Onward transportation to Kathmandu was delayed since the airport in the Nepalese capital was closed due to an aftershock. When the relief supplies arrived on May 23, volunteers took receipt of the donations and distributed them locally.