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Marken delivers first direct to patient shipment of clinical drug product in Korea 30 June 2015

Korean health authorities grant permission during emergency situation

Marken has been granted permission by the government to deliver the first direct to patient shipment of clinical drug product in Korea.  This precedent-setting shipment has allowed several patients in South Korea to continue receiving their clinical trial drugs during the outbreak of Middle East Respiratory System (MERS).

The emergency was caused by recent partial closures of medical centres due to fears of spreading MERS.  Patients were therefore unable to travel to the centres to receive their clinical drug. Recognising this, the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety in Korea (MFDS) agreed to temporarily allow direct shipments to patients' homes so the trials would not be compromised.

Pharmaceutical Companies and contract research organisations (CROs) which are running clinical trials can make requests to the MFDS, thus allowing direct to patient home deliveries. Marken has done several such shipments to homes in Seoul, Gyeonggi,Boryung in Chungchengnamdo, Gochang in Jeollabukdo, and Yeosu in Jeollanamdo. 

The shipments were delivered safely and within the time and temperature range specified by the drug manufacturer. These are the first such shipments to be allowed in Korea.