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Marken supporting pharma customers in fight against Zika virus 05 February 2016

Five depots in Latin America can contribute to any distribution efforts

Marken is working with key pharma partners in the race to find a vaccine and treatment for the Zika virus, declared as a public health emergency by the World Health Organisation (WHO) earlier this week.

The Company will put its five depots to work in Latin America, if necessary, to help distribute new vaccines to the region, working with government agencies and customs officials to clear hurdles and generally do what it takes to help fight this outbreak.

Marken is frequently chosen to handle dangerous materials in crises conditions in remote locations. Because of their capabilities in Africa, Marken was selected as a key logistics provider during the Ebola outbreak. Marken was also selected during the MERS outbreak as the only provider entrusted to deliver clinical trial materials directly to patients in their homes in South Korea, which enabled their clinical trials to continue.