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Mothercare takes the Peoplevox eCommerce WMS to Asia 16 June 2015

Capability to support multiple inventory levels and logistics providers

Peoplevox’s dedicated eCommerce warehouse management system is to be implemented in Mothercare’s Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, and Malaysia operations after success with Mothercare Ireland.

With their expansion from a traditional high street retailer with 36 stores across the UK, to an online eCommerce company, Mothercare recognised a need to make the transition right in order to maintain their high standards. By implementing Peoplevox’s software-as-a-service solution, the simple interface makes it very easy to pick up, which was crucial for Mothercare who were deploying Peoplevox on top of pre-existing warehouse operations.

Mothercare chose Peoplevox for the software’s capability to support multiple inventory levels and logistics providers, which is important for when operating across different countries.

Founded on the understanding that traditional warehouse management systems do not work for eCommerce operations, Peoplevox developed a solution that now helps more than 100 eCommerce warehouses across 12 countries.

By optimising pick routes, eliminating mispicks, and achieving 99.99% accurate stock figures, Peoplevox clients, including Mothercare Ireland, enjoy excellent customer reviews and save both time and money in the warehouse.

Peoplevox has been a great addition to the Mothercare Ireland business. It managed to cope with a 35.0% increase in turnover last Christmas which equated to a 20.0% uplift in orders and a 40.0% uplift in items picked. All of this is with the same number of operatives as per the previous paper/pen solution, too. They would otherwise have spent €1000s extra on payroll and training to hire new staff, whereas Peoplevox has given it far greater efficiencies, not to mention the hours it saves on general stock takes and spot checks. The Company now has much greater visibility on stock movements and the productivity of individual operatives via the handheld devices, with a far more efficient, modern and scalable business as a result of the partnership with Peoplevox.

Mothercare hope to replicate the model into more franchise locations across Asia with its off-the-shelf integration to Magento.