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Navis N4 Terminal Operating System goes live at Port of Liverpool 07 July 2015

Moving hauliers through the terminal more rapidly

The Port of Liverpool is now live and fully operational on the N4 terminal operating system (TOS). The investment in N4, along with Kalmar AutoGate, is the latest phase in a £300.0 million infrastructure redevelopment project to expand and develop the deep-water container terminal, Liverpool2. This implementation also included the new Navis Business Intelligence portal and has replaced their legacy ‘K2’ system, automating a number of internal and external customer business processes.

Landside collaboration is one of the biggest opportunities to reduce inefficiency and Peel Ports is tackling this head-on with the implementation of new technologies and processes that will help to move the hauliers through the terminal more rapidly.

Located on both banks of the River Mersey, Port of Liverpool is one of the largest and busiest ports in the UK, moving 40.0 million tons of freight through its docks. Upon completion of Liverpool2 in 2015, the Port of Liverpool will double its existing container capacity and become one of the best-equipped and connected terminals in the UK. Given this anticipated container growth, Peel Ports needed an industry-leading TOS that would support its move to semi-automation, and at the same time achieve faster turnaround times and improve container handling. With N4 in place, Port of Liverpool will be able to optimise operations as well as improve service for its customers and the local trucking community.

Haulier transactions are now fully integrated into the N4 system, which means more secure and efficient visits and minimal turnaround times at the terminals. This process will also mean that paperwork and leaving the vehicle are unnecessary. As a result, the Port is helping customers increase security, improve safety, reduce risks and reduce time spent completing manual checks.

The implementation of N4 was completed in parallel with the installation of Kalmar AutoGate equipment as well as APS Technology Group OCR technologies. Combining these initiatives into a single project ensured Peel Ports could minimise disruption to normal terminal operations and deliver the benefits sooner to its customers. Despite the added risks, the successful deployment was due in great part to the planning and dedication of the project team.