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New CEO begins work at DHL Express 08 January 2019

Focus on quality and digitalisation to ensure industry leadership

The new CEO of DHL Express, John Pearson, is expecting continued positive developments for the global express market and the Company, thanks to booming cross-border eCommerce, digitalisation and its excellent positioning in all industry verticals. Member of the Board effective January 01, 2019, Pearson was instrumental for DHL Express' decade long success story and expects growth figures to continue in 2019 and beyond for the Express division of the Group. Pearson took over from Ken Allen who became CEO of the newly established DHL eCommerce Solutions division.

DHL Express aims to capitalise on developments in global trade in the coming years with its unparalleled network in 220 countries and territories. As a result of increasing eCommerce, markets in Europe, the US and Asia are registering continuous economic growth and represent significant potential for cross-border express shipping in the consumer area. In addition, these markets continue to form the foundation for B2B-driven logistics services for industry sectors such as automotive, life sciences and healthcare, banking, retail and technology.

DHL Express will use all existing channels to transform every opportunity into top line growth. It is modernising its regional and intercontinental air fleet, will continue to invest in international infrastructure and innovative technologies, while making sure to further align delivery processes with the needs of customers in order to maintain customer experience and satisfaction.