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Nippon Express Group renames subsidiaries 16 November 2021

Accompanying changes in management structure and introduction of Group brand

Nippon Express has announced that several companies in the Nippon Express Group, across the world, will be renamed as part of efforts to promote the ‘NX’ Group brand that will be introduced on 04 January 2022.

Nippon Express plans to switch to a holding company structure in January 2022 in the context of strengthening the Group’s management base with the aim of realising its long-term vision of becoming ‘a logistics company with a strong presence in the global market’.

The introduction of a unified Group brand identity is intended to enhance Nippon Express’s brand strength, enable Group companies to respond to technological innovations and rapid changes in the social environment as well as provide more sophisticated and higher-quality services to domestic and overseas customers, and marshal the strengths of all Group employees so they are better able to act in concert when supporting customers, industry and society.

Nippon Express will be seeking to further bolster the Group’s management base by incorporating the new Group brand symbol ‘NX’ into the new names for its Group companies.