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Nippon Express (Shanghai) begins operations at Yangsan facility 03 December 2021

New warehouse mainly handles automotive parts

Nippon Express (Shanghai) has begun operations at a new export warehouse in the Yangshan region of China. Viewing the Yangshan area as an important export base complementing the Waigaoqiao area in Shanghai, NE Shanghai opened a new warehouse favourably situated 20km from Donghai Bridge and 50km from Yangshan Terminal.

Container volume at Shanghai Port in 2020 was up 0.5% from the previous year to about 43.5 million TEU, the highest volume of containers handled at any port worldwide for the 11th consecutive year. The Yangshan Terminal also exceeded 20 million TEU for the first time, marking a new all-time high despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

The new warehouse, which mainly handles automotive parts, has a low-floor, double-ended access configuration suitable for cross-dock export operations, and also provides returnable container management and packing style conversion.

NE Shanghai will in future be working to enhance the warehouse's capacity to serve as an import/export base for shipments to/from Europe and the US, digitising warehouse operations, and utilising cutting-edge technology to save labour.