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Panattoni completes BREEAM certification for Amazon facilities 31 March 2015

A third facility, under construction in Czech Republic is undergoing certification

Panattoni Europe has announced that the BREEAM environmental assessment process of Amazon’s facilities in Poland has been completed. Both the investment in Bielany Wrocławskie, and the one in Sady near Poznan have received a VERY GOOD rating, which was a considerable challenge considering the 100,000 m2 of space in each facility. They are the first facilities of such magnitude in Poland to be BREEAM-certified.

The logistics centres delivered by Panattoni Europe in Bielany Wrocławskie and Sady near Poznan for Amazon have received their final BREEAM International certification. The multi-criterion assessment system of how a building functions in its environment, applied by the Building Research Establishment (BRE), has confirmed the investment assumptions made at the design stage. The final opinion for both facilities was very positive, translating into a VERY GOOD rating. These are the first two certificates in Poland awarded to investments of such giant scale; each of Panattoni Europe's facilities for Amazon measures more than 123,000 m2, built on sites of 27 ha each. A third facility, currently under construction by Panattoni for Amazon in the Czech Republic, is also undergoing the certification process.

Panattoni Europe's logistics centres for Amazon in Poznan and Wrocław received the score of 57.4%. On top of that, cutting-edge installations have allowed for recuperation, i.e. heat recovery using rotating heat exchangers. The facilities are equipped with LED lighting and motion detectors in high traffic areas (pick towers), motion detectors in sanitary facilities, whereas light pollution outside the site has been limited. Also, water consumption is kept to the minimum, and the building is heated predominantly by gas.